Improving the teaching and learning quality of Chinese listening skills at advanced level at Military Science Academy

  • Phuong Ngo Hoai
  • Hoa Trinh Thanh

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advanced level, solution, improve quality, listening skills, Chinese language


Listening skills are among those of significant importance in the process of language acquisition, greatly affecting learners’ formation of linguistic competence.Consequently, the teaching and learning of Chinese as a language should focus on promoting the role of listening skills, hence contributing to the comprehensive development of other language skills. This study is conducted to provide further understanding of the current situation of teaching and learning Chinese listening skills at advanced level at Military Science Academy. By the statistical  analysis methods, based on the reality, the study also points out issues adversely affecting the process and proposes a number of solutions from the perspectives of teachers, students and administrators in order to enhance the overall quality of the teaching and learning process of Chinese listening skills at advanced level.

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